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SOHO UPS 800-4000VA
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Plot 126, Cavin Rd, Bashewa AH, Pretoria (east)
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072 896 2345

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  Contact number:
  Stand alone units - plug and play:  None
 SH-800 650W
 SH-1000 800W
 SH-1500 1200W
  Delivery/installation:  None
 Delivery (Gauteng)
 Installation (Gauteng)
  Installed units (surface cabling):  None
 1 light duty plug at UPS single TV/computer, lamp and light electronic equipment 650W
 2 plug 2TV/computer, lamps & light electronic equipment 800W
 3 plug TV's, computers can run power tools or small microwave and lights 1200W
  Larger UPS (not for stand alone):  None
 4kva plugs & lights up to 3.2kw
 6kva plugs & lights up to 4.8kw
 8kva Plugs, lights & stove up to 6.5kw
 10kva multiple use up to 8kw
 15kva multiple use up to 12kw
 specialized use please supply details
 3 Phase UPS please supply details
  Backup time:  1 hour
 2-3 hours
 4-6 hours
 6-8 hours
 8-12 hours

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