SOHO UPS 800-4000VA

UPS systems for light-duty home or office use  click here

POWER UPS 1- 400kva single & 3 phase ON-LINE UPS

On-line UPS systems for medical and other specialized equipment. Heavy duty units for larger applications   click here


UPS-inverter backup electricity systems. From an 800VA UPS to power a TV or computer plus modem/decoder and a few lights or larger systems to run plug and light circuits in your home or business. We can supply battery backup UPS power for any home or business application. We supply online 220V or  3 phase UPS power backup to meet any need. Expert advice and delivery or installation in Gauteng.

We have a range of reliable UPS products tested for South African conditions. Quality sealed deep cycle batteries with a 5-10 year life, maintenance free. All our inverter/UPS products are true sine wave and are transformer-IGBT based. If you require low HD (harmonic distortion) for sensitive electronic equipment we'll have the UPS you need. 1 year warranty on all products.


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