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The Power & E-Power UPS ranges are online, double conversion with HD (Haronic Distortion) less than 3%, voltage within 1%. This makes all these models suitable for medical and other equipment where stable power is critical. Models 4kva and higher will handle large inductive load, suitable for fridges and machinery. Making larger models ideal for larger home, office or industrial use. Delivery and installation in Gauteng.

Power series 220V single phase 1-50kva

  • 1kva-3kva
  • Suitable for light duty medical, laboratory and other calibrated equipment
  • Price from R9 183.38 - 30 minutes backup for 1 PC or equivalent load
  • 4kva 3.2kw max. constant power with overload 110%-150% for 20s.
  • Suited for medium duty home and office use. Up to 8 computers or equivalent load. Typical home use: 1 Fridge, up to 4 TVs/computers or equivalent load, lights, sound system, alarm, gate and or garage motor.
  • This model can be installed with surface cabling concealed in trunking with as many plug points as required. Surface mount plug points installed where required.
  • Unit price R20 544.52 excluding batteries and VAT.
  • from 6kva 4.8kw max. constant power up to 15kva with overload 110%-150% for 20s.
  • For larger home and office use. These units are suited to be connected through a sub DB into your existing wiring to run selected plug and light circuits
  • Installation includes sub DB with selected UPS circuits to existing wiring - electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC) supplied
  • Prices available on request. Let us know what equipment you want to run on backup power and how many rooms require plugs and lights on backup power
E-Power 3phase UPS 10-400kva
  • 3 phase 10kva - 400kva
  • Parallel capability
  • Prices on request.
Battery kits supplied according to load and backup time required
Delivery and installation in Gauteng
Prices updated June 2016, and may change
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