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UPS for dummies
Everything you might want to know about UPS
  • What is a UPS? UPS stands for uninterruptable power supply - it is a device that keeps power running when the mains fails or the mains power is unstable.
  • How does it work? The basic operation of a UPS is an inverter that changes DC current from batteries to AC power, for either single or three phase power, when mains fails. When mains power is present the UPS will charge the batteries. There are two basic types of UPS, online UPS or  SWITCH MODE UPS.
  • What is a switch mode UPS? This is a UPS that runs directly off mains power under normal conditions and switches to UPS power when mains fails or drops below a usable voltage. A good UPS will switch in under 6 milliseconds, meaning there is no switching off of appliances i.e. no shutdown on computers.
  • What is an online UPS? When using an online UPS power is never supplied directly from the mains power. This is known as double conversion. This is particularly important when using highly sensitive electric equipment as voltage always remains stable even the mains power fluctuates. 
  • What is true sine-wave? An inverter creates a "sine-wave" from DC current. Quality products create a true sine-wave, meaning the power matches normal mains power in every way. Some UPS products create square or modified sine-wave which cause some electrical appliances to behave erratically or not at all.
  • What is a deep cycle battery? Deep cycle batteries are designed for long discharge times and high recharge. This is important for UPS products, as other batteries are easily damaged by long discharge.
  • What is backup time? This is the estimated time that the UPS will supply power off batteries.
  • Does a UPS protect my electrical equipment? A UPS is designed to protect against surges, over-current and unstable voltage.
  • Does a UPS require maintenance? A UPS does not require maintenance, batteries need to be replaced periodically. Quality deep cycle batteries can last up to ten years. It is very important not to let batteries run flat as this reduces their life-span.
  • When choosing the correct UPS for your needs it is important to calculate the correct load that the UPS system is required to supply. This is particularly important when running inductive load.
  • What is inductive load? Electric equipment that use starter switches, ballasts and capacitors run inductive load. These products include high powered electric motors used in fridges, vacuum cleaners, washing machines etc. Other electric products that run on inductive load include fluorescent and mercury vapor lights that use ballasts and starter switches. Only transformer based UPS products can be used for inductive load. It is important to remember that equipment that utilize inductive load require high start up current e.g. an average fridge that runs on 350W will require up to 2000W to start - this means a UPS that can run a fridge must be capable of supplying a minimum of 2000W
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